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How to Approve the Forecast for a Project


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to approve the forecast (also called Estimate to Complete or ETC) for a Project.

First Step

Begin by accessing the Cost Forecasting Dashboard.

  1. Click on the tile labeled "Approve EAC"

Second Step

Clicking on the tile labeled "Approve ETC" will launch the EAC Approver Workbench in a new window. This application will be used to approve (or reject) all the resources necessary for the Work Packages within the Control Accounts which the user is responsible for.

Note that it is also possible to Launch the EAC Approver Workbench by clicking the tile labeled "EAC Approver Workbench".

For a detailed guide about how to use the EAC Approver Workbench to manage resources and submit them for approval, see the following guide;

EAC Approver Workbench

What's Next

Inform the applicable Control Account Manager that the Forecast has been approved.

Note that the current status of the Control Accounts is always live and visible in the workbench at any time.

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