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How to Create a Snapshot of the Actual Costs


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to create a snapshot of the project actual costs. This is always performed before the generation of a new EAC working version plan so as to gather all the latest costs before revising the forecast.

Note that this snapshot also captures the current approved EAC version which will be used in the generation of the new EAC working version plan.

First Step

Begin by accessing the Cost Forecasting Dashboard.

  1. Choose the project for which the Snapshot will be performed in the "My CAM Assigned Projects" dropdown
  2. Click on the tile labeled "Snapshot Actuals"

Second Step


The Snapshot application will be opened and most of the important information will be predefined, such as the calendar, current snapshot period and snapshot date.

  1. Enter the number of future periods to determine how far into the future planning data will be included in the snapshot as shown below
  2. Click on Go!

The results of the snapshot will be displayed.

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