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How to Setup a New Project Structure


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to setup a new project in the Dassian Simple Projects Application

First Step

Begin by clicking the Project Structure tile in the Organisation Dashboard as shown below;

Second Step

Then fill out the form as shown below;

Note the following:

  • The Project Profile may be different in your environment.
  • It is possible to have the application find the next available project number
  • It is also possible to copy from a previously created project.

Third Step

Setup the structure of the project in the table as shown below, note the level column which helps to determine the hierarchical structure of the project.

The baseline dates and forecast dates have separate tabs for maintaining these dates separately.

Click on the icon in the application footer to save the project structure.

What's Next

Use the to make changes to a project, you will notice this feature works in much the same way as the initial project setup.

Omitted from this how-to in the Project Structure Expert Mode, consult your SAP Project Systems Business Analyst for help with this advanced feature.

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