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Introduction to Simple Projects

Purpose of this reference guide

This guide is designed to help users of Dassian Simple Projects to plan and control the budgeting (Baseline) and forecasting (Estimate at Completion or EAC) processes using the web based user interface. This guide describes the features for each of the following applications:

  • Setting up the Organisation
  • Managing Planning Data
  • Baseline Workbench
  • Baseline Approver Workbench
  • EAC Workbench
  • EAC Approver Workbench


Who should use this guide

The intended audience for this guide:

  • Business Analysts
  • Control Account Managers
  • Program Managers


What you should know and do before using this guide

You should have some experience and understanding of the following areas:

  • Project Structures
  • Organisational Breakdown Structures
  • Understanding of Costing and Labour Planning

Much of the functionality is based on the specific configuration of the implementation. Therefore, the user should have a general understanding of the configuration of Dassian Simple Projects. For configuration information see the Dassian Simple Projects Configuration Guide. In order to get the maximum benefit from this guide you should possess a good understanding of the SAP Project System as well as your internal business processes for Project Planning and Earned Value Management.



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