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Dassian Schedule Integration Solution (SIS)

Are you manually updating SAP schedules after changing Microsoft Project or Primavera?   If yes, then we have a time saving tool for you with Dassian SIS.

Dassian Schedule Integration Solution (SIS)  is a unique product for synchronizing task and resource data between SAP and robust project scheduling tools like, Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.  Unlike traditional interface tools, SIS is truly integrated with SAP and these scheduling tools, offering real-time, bi-directional data validation and synchronization.  There is no need for expensive middleware or lengthy installations, since SIS can be up and running in a matter of hours.  SIS is an affordable and proven solution that will save your company time and money.

Key Benefits

  • Enables you to exploit the robust functionality and flexibility of P6 or MS Project while maintaining real-time integration with SAP
  • Improves productivity by minimizing redundant data entry
  • Facilitates heightened data quality and integrity
  • Provides enterprise level visibility to cost / schedule / resource data
  • Integrates with SAP / Dassian Program Plans and Controls (PPC) application providing complete integrated IPM solution*
  • Affordable and proven to provide fast ROI

Key Features

  • Supports project cost / schedule / resource integration across the enterprise
  • Handles large project structures
  • Flexible mapping of P6 or MS Project data to / from SAP eg:  planning, forecasting, updating EV progress
  • Seamlessly integrates your Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) data with your Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and Earned Value Management (EVM) data in SAP / Dassian
  • Real-time data validation & synchronization

Real-time schedule data validation & synchronization with SAP

  • Real-time data validation & synchronization between scheduling tools, SAP, and Dassian PPC*


  • P6 Primavera Interface


  • Built-in Microsoft Project add-in.


* SIS can be used either with Dassian PPC or separately

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