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EAC Workbench

The EAC Workbench is used by the control account manager to setup and modify the forecast.

To begin using the application, expand the users project hierarchy on the left hand side of the screen.

Note that the control account manager will see only those control accounts and work packages which they have been assigned by the program manager.

Click on a hierarchy node to begin working with the application.


Status Management


At the top level of the hierarchy is the status management view, represented by the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (10).png icon and the username, this view shows a list of all the work packages, their description, current status, KPI status and total cost.

The status management view has the following features:

  • A count of the work packages assigned to the user and buttons to instantly filter the list by status.

  • A link to immediately jump to any given work package detail view

  • Option to quickly view the KPIs for any work package by clicking on the KPI indicators

  • Option to submit/recall multiple work packages.


Project View


The project view is represented by the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (14).png icon, the project ID and description. Click on the top level of a project to show the project view. This view will show, depending on the application configuration, the revenue planning feature or a roll up of all the users’ data for the chosen project.

The revenue planning view is shown below; In this view all costs for the users work packages are shown together with any planned and actual revenue from sales orders in the backend system. The revenue and the costs are each totalled and then offset against each other to display a representation of the margin for the Project.

It also possible to create ‘revenue adjustments’ to influence the total revenue, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (16).png button to enter a manual revenue adjustment, the following popup is displayed;

Enter a description for the revenue adjustment, choose the period over which the adjustment is to be applied by adjusting the start and end date, choose a revenue element and a base cost, then click on create.

The revenue adjustment will be added to the list and the value of the revenue adjustment will influence the total revenue.

It is also possible to edit and delete any manual revenue adjustment, the process for inline editing will be covered later in this document.


Report View


Clicking on any element in the hierarchy with the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (19).png icon will display the report view, this view is essentially a roll up of any costs captured in work packages below the currently selected node.

The view has no editing feature and serves only to report on the data rolled up to that point in the hierarchy. The list displays the total costs rolled up by their type i.e. work (plant/team/skill code) or cost (plant/cost element)


Detail View


At the lowest level of the hierarchy is the detail view represented by the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (21).png icon, the work package ID and description. This view, shown below; displays the details of the work package and allows the user to add / delete / edit cost and work resources.

The detail view has many features, some of which are detailed below:

  • Adherence to the scheduled dates of the work package.
  • Time phased creation of work (labour) and cost resources.
  • Inline editing of resources.
  • Re-planning of resources to instantly more and/or adjust overall planned value.
  • Duplication of resources to speed up creation.
  • Deletion of resources.
  • Automatic grouping and totalling.
  • Quick display of rates breakdown.
  • Quick toggle to report view.
  • Quick display of previous period totals.
  • Quick Display of KPIs
  • Smart realign periods.
  • Input of text (pre-defined and manual) to support submission.
  • Submit for approval and recall.


How to Create Resources

Click  to add a new cost or work resource to the work package, the Add Resource popup screen will be displayed;

Choose either a cost or a work resource in the plan type field, notice that the popup window will then display different fields depending on which plan type is to be created;

A cost resource requires the entry of Plant, Cost Element and Base Cost;

A work resource requires, the entry of Plant, Team, Skill Code and Hours;

Enter the necessary information in the required fields, note that it is possible to use the search feature on specific fields to find the right information if there are many entries for that field, then click on SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (27).png.

The application will validate the data with the server and ensure that;

  • the dates fall within the boundaries of the work package while still respecting the gate date.
  • there are rates available to determine to the total cost of the resource valid for the entire duration of the resource.

If the validation is successful, click SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (28).png to add the resource to the list.


How to Edit Resources.

To edit an existing resource, click on the edit mode icon in the toolkit to the left of the resource in the list as shown below;

The application will ready the resource for inline editing, the values in each period can be edited freely, however it will not be possible to edit periods before the gate date and the original resource boundaries will remain in place.

Click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (31).png icon to save the changes to the resource. Upon save the application will validate the data with server.

It is also possible to re-plan the resource. While in edit mode, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (32).png icon to display the re-planning popup as show below;

Here, the start and end date of the resource can be adjusted (the gate date and the work package boundaries will be respected) together with the overall base cost or hours. Also it is possible to apply a planning curve to the data to automatically affect the spread of the data over the given period.

Click SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (34).png to apply the changes to the resource.

Edit mode also offers the possibility of cloning a resource. While in edit mode, right click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (32).png icon, the application will immediately open the Add Resource popup screen with all the attributes of the resource cloned, simply click SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (27).png and then SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (28).png to add the new resource to the list.


How to Delete Resources

To delete a resource, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (36).png icon in the toolkit, the application will prompt the user to confirm the deletion as shown below;


How to show a quick display of rates breakdown

To display a breakdown of the rates which have been applied to the resource, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (38).png icon in the toolkit. The application will display the breakdown of the rates as shown below;


How to quickly toggle to Report View

To display the details of the work package in the Report View, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (40).png button on the bottom right of the application window. This is sometimes useful to get a quick summary of the work package totals.


How to quickly display previous period totals

To display the previous period totals, click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (42).png button on the Detail View toolbar, the header area of the view will switch to displaying the totals for the previous period and the current total cost of the work package as shown below; this is often useful to see changes between the current and the previous period.


How to quickly display KPIs

To display the KPIs for the work package click the  button, the application will display the KPI popup window as shown below;


How to use Smart Realign Periods

At certain points in the lifecycle of a project, the plan may need to be re-aligned with the operating schedule. This feature is available to allow the user to align the resource dates to the current schedule of the work package being planned.

To realign periods click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (44).png button on the toolbar.


How to Submit a Work Package for Approval

Once a work package is ready for approval click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (45).png button on the bottom right of the application window, the application will display the ‘Confirm Submit’ popup window which also contains the text input feature as shown below;


It is possible to manually input some text, or choose one or more of the predefined texts to accompany the submission. This is mandatory in the event of the KPI status being red.


How to Recall a Work Package

It is also possible to recall a work package which has previously been submitted, to do this click the SimpleProjs_WebWorkbench (47).png button on the bottom right of the application window. The application will recall the work package and revert its status to ‘In Process’.

Note that it is not possible to recall a work package which has been approved.

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