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How to Copy a Snapshot


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to use the Dassian Snapshot copy application. 

With this application, it is possible to copy snapshot data selectively (specific elements of a project) or on masse, by specific planning versions and within specific date ranges.

First Step

Begin by accessing the Data Management Dashboard

  1. Click the tile labeled "Copy Snapshot"

Second Step

Choose the project data for the snapshot copy, you can choose data in the following ways;

  1. A specific project
  2. Individual elements of the projects or a range of elements
  3. Use the advance selection feature to select ranges, include or exclude specific elements

Third Step

Continue to Choose Plan Types

  1. Choose the source plan type (either Plan, EAC or Revenue)
  2. Press enter, the Target Version field will appear, enter the target version

Fourth Step

Then choose date options for the snapshot copy

  1. Time Period
  2. Snapshot dates
  3. Check if the Test Run indicator should be set
  4. Once all selections are made, Click Go!

The results of the snapshot copy will be displayed.

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