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How to Maintain the Earned Value Status of the Baseline


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to maintain the Earned Value status (sometimes called Project Progress) the baseline plan. this step is only necessary if Earned Value Management is a requirement for the project.

First Step

Begin by accessing the Planning and Budgeting Dashboard.

  1. Choose the project for which the Snapshot will be performed in the "My Analyst Assigned Projects" dropdown
  2. Click on the tile labeled "Maintain EV Status"

Second Step


The maintenance of EV status application will be opened and most of the important information will be predefined, such as the planning version.

  1. All necessary information will be predefined, simply click on Go!

Third Step

Within the EV Status Tool;

  1. Choose an Earned Value method for each Work Package
  2. Enter the Percentage of Complete for those that are manually determined (e.g. Work Packages where "Estimate" is used as the EV Method)
  3. Save

What's Next?

Run the Earned Value Calculation (Budgeted Cost of Work Performed) for the project.

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