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How to Create an Initial Baseline for a Project


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to setup an initial baseline for a project.

First Step

Begin by accessing the Planning and Budgeting Dashboard.

Essentially this dashboard outlines a specific budgeting process which encompassed not only the setup of an initial baseline for a project, but if followed in its entirety will also facilitate a baseline change. The steps of the process necessary for an initial baseline are highlighted below;

Second Step

Clicking on the tile labeled "Apply Baseline Changes" will launch the Baseline Workbench in a new window. This application will be used to create all the resources necessary for the Work Packages within the Control Accounts which the user is responsible for.

Note that it is also possible to Launch the Baseline Workbench by clicking the tile labeled "Baseline Workbench".

For a detailed guide about how to use the Baseline Workbench to create resources and submit them for approval, see the following guide;

Baseline Workbench

Third Step

Once all the resources are created and the Baseline has been sent for approval, a Change Request Number will need to be created in anticipation of the approval. This Change Request number will be needed when copying the approved working baseline version into the approved baseline version.

Click the tile labeled "Create Change Request"

The application for creating a Project Change Request will be opened, in the titlebar the Change Request Number being created will be shown. Make a note of this number.

Then following the steps to fill out the form;

  1. Enter the WBS number of the Control Account for which the Baseline is being created, if this happens to be for the entire project, use the top level WBS, you will be prompted to confirm the Project Definition which has been derived for the WBS entered and the currency associated with this.
  2. Enter a short description for the Change Request
  3. Enter any detailed information for the Change Request
  4. Click on Save

What's Next

Inform the applicable Project Manager that the Baseline is ready for approval.

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