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How to Setup Control Accounts and Work Packages


After completing this how-to you will have learnt how to setup Control Accounts and Work Packages for a project in the Dassian Simple Projects Application

First Step

Begin by clicking the Assign Control Accounts & Work Packages tile in the Organisation Dashboard as shown below;

Second Step

  1. Enter the Project Definition
  2. Click on continue

Third Step

The structure of the project is shown on the left hand side of the screen,

  1. Choose the level which represents the control account in the structure
  2. Click the Control Account checkbox


3. Assign the CAM and Analyst for the Control Account.

4. Choose the level which represents the Work Package in the structure

5. Click the Work Package checkbox

6. Repeat the process for all other Control Accounts and Work Packages

Note that Control Accounts and work Packages have different icons in the structure;

7. Click on Save.


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