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Transaction /DSN/ENV – SSPF Environment Attributes: Maintain

This transaction is used to define global information for the Dassian SSPF Toolset, the Business Unit/s are defined together with each Contract for which SSPF Reporting is regulated and in turn each supporting project for the qualifying contracts. The active snapshots for each area are defined here.

Simply enter a name for the Environment in the field “Environment” and click on continue, then confirm the creation of the new Environment.

If the Environment has already been created, enter the Environment name in the Environment field as shown below;


In the resulting screen, the field groups and field contents will be displayed ready for maintenance as shown below; This transaction operates much the same as previously described.


Executing the SSPF Reports


Open Microsoft excel and open one of the SSRO Report Templates:

Example shown is the SSPF Contract Pricing Statement report.

Click on the PowerPivot Window button on the PowerPivot Ribbon


Click on refresh all


Enter SAP username and password then click ok


it will then refresh all the tables included in the data feed and display a success message on completion. Close the window.


go back to the excel report and navigate to the DSN tab


Right click on the slicer and select refresh


this will update all the background tables and allow you to select any applicable contracts or other object for this report. If more than one slicer is present, then right click and refresh each of them.

Prior to saving the report navigate to the HOME tab and select Hide DSN from the drop-down list, this will hide the DSN selection tab,


For any report that does not require further interaction save the report in the specified format and naming convention and upload to the SSRO Portal.

For additional information see the link below


The following reports require additional interaction.

  • Other Contract Reports
  • Qualifying Business Unit Actual and Estimated report(QBUAE)

The only additional interaction required is the use of specific drop down options

For the Other Contract Report, the report being submitted needs to be selected on then HOME tab


On Tab 09_Actual-Forecast a category the values in each year falls into will need to be selected.


On tab 10_Quarters select the government financial year / quarter and category


For the QBUAE report this is on the XX_DSN tab where the current year needs to be selected (this can be configured to any Calendar) and on the HOME tab where it will need to be selected if the report is for Actuals or Estimates



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