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Setting up the System Assignments

Transaction /DSN/010N – Assign Control Accounts and Work Packages

This transaction is used to define the control account and work package structure of the project for planning purposes, for more information about this see the Program Plans and Controls (DP010) user guide.

In this transaction, it is possible to define the system codes (per the Defining Pricing Structure) for Control accounts and Work Packages.

Note that work packages, unless otherwise specified obtain their System Codes from their parent Control account.

Upon launching the transaction open the desired project as shown below;


In the structure on the left-hand side of the screen, Control Accounts are displayed with the  icon, and Work Packages are displayed with the  icon.


At Control account level, click on the “Further Data” tab in the detail view of the screen as shown below;


The system code can be defined here, if the cost is recurring, the flag accordingly.

Similarly, at Work Package level, it is possible to set the system code should it be necessary, see below;


It is also worth noting that this can defined at resource level, in the project planning data if necessary.


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