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Transaction /DSN/060_BU – SSPF Business Unit Attributes: Maintain

This transaction is used to capture data attributes specific to the Business Unit, the Business Unit should have been created in the previous step, enter the Business Unit name in the Business Unit field or use the drop-down menu to choose from the list of available Business Units, and then click on continue, as shown below;


In the resulting screen, the field groups and field contents will be displayed ready for maintenance as shown below;


Field Groups are lists of attributes that are grouped together as they share a similar purpose, such as Submission admin, which is data pertaining to the administration of the Business Unit in preparation for reporting, Business Unit data, e.g. name and address, headcount, and various other financial data.


Maintaining attributes

The content for each attribute can be maintained simply by clicking on the content field itself, when doing so, the attribute to be maintain becomes highlighted and a popup is displayed to maintain the specific information as shown below;


Mandatory attributes are shown with a “?” in the field contents. These must be maintained.

Most attributes in this transaction have predefined values which can be chosen from a list, simply click the dropdown on the field to display the list of values to choose from;


Duplicating attribute groups

If any groups of attributes are required more than once, the attribute group can be duplicated. Click on the  button on the toolbar and the group will be duplicated. The new attribute group will have a new group item number, and will be shown in blue, the attribute contents can be maintained in the same way as described above.


Deleting duplicate groups

If a duplicated attribute group is not required for any reason, it can be deleted. Click anywhere on the duplicated attribute group and then click the  button on the toolbar. The duplicate group is removed from the contract.


When all necessary attributes have been maintained click  on the toolbar to save.