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Purpose of this guide


This guide is designed to help users of Dassian Simple Projects to plan and control the budgeting (baseline) and forecasting (Estimate at Completion or EAC) processes using the web based user interface. This guide describes the process and features for each of the following applications:

  • Single Source Procurement Toolset


Who should use this guide

The intended audience for this guide: 

  • Business Analysts 

  • SSRO Reporting Controller


What you should know and do before using this guide


It is essential that the user have a thorough knowledge of the reporting requirements as prescribed by the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO). More information can be found on the SSRO website.

The user should also have some experience and understanding of the following areas: 

  • SAP system navigation
  • SAP Master Data  

  • Dassian Project Plans and Controls 


General Overview

The Dassian Single Source Procurement Toolset is used to facilitate the following processes;

  • Contract Periodic Reporting
  • BUCAR Reporting
  • Project Data Reporting


Essentially this centres around capturing data within these areas and taking a “Snapshot” of this information on periodic basis. A Snapshot is a representation of the above data at a specific point in time, a feature essential to periodic reporting of data which is usually fluid, i.e. the live data.

The data contained within the Dassian Single Source Procurement Framework Toolset is then served to the reporting application, namely Microsoft excel, in the specific formats as prescribed by the SSRO.

The reports will only use the snapshot data, not the live data, therefore it is important to maintain a controlled process of generating snapshots periodically to support the reporting process.


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