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Transaction SICF – Internet Connection Framework


On the selection screen, enter the service name as; DSNODATA as shown below:


Click execute

On the resulting screen, expand the list of hosts / services to display the service named 060_SRV as shown below;


Next, right click on the service 060_SRV and then choose the option Activate Service, when prompted choose  as shown below;


Transaction /DSN/060Z – SSPF Configuration


Define Systems

In this configuration step, define cost type and system which is to be used, enter the following;

  • Cost Type
  • Parent Cost Type
  • System Code
  • System Description
  • Stem Flag


Define Versions

In this configuration step, define the planning versions and the cost type (Internal or external) for which each version is applicable.



Microsoft Excel


The following section demonstrates how to set up a connection to the Dassian Data feed for additional reporting requirements.


Ensure that PowerPivot is installed and activated on the computer, this is evident by the presence of the Tab labelled PowerPivot as shown below;


Click on the PowerPivot Tab and click on the PowerPivot Window icon, as shown below;


Click on the Data Feed icon on the Home Tab;


The Table Import wizard will appear. Click on the Advanced button;


In the Advanced table change the Security from SSPI to Basic as below;


Type the SAP username and password for the SAP system being used, then click OK.


Type in your URL feed for the OData service, e.g. http://<yourservername>/dsnodata/DSN/060_SRV/

Click Test Connection


The following box should appear. Click OK


Click Next to proceed with the connection.


Only select the first table for this test and then click finish


The PowerPivot will now import the data into the window. The popup screen below will appear when complete.


This is the expected outcome of the link. This Data is what the SSPF reports will be populated from.

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