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Purpose of this guide


This guide is designed to help consultants and system administrators successfully configure Dassian Single Source Procurement Framework (SSPF) toolset. This guide describes the configuration process for each of the following applications: 


Who should use this guide

The intended audience for this guide: 

  • System Administrators
  • Application Consultants


What you should know and do before using this guide


You should have an understanding of Dassian Program Plans and Controls module and have performed all the necessary configuration of this “back-end” module in advance of configuring the Single Source Procurement Framework toolset.

You should have some experience configuring systems in SAP ECC as well as have some familiarity with system authorisations.

An understanding of the SAP transport system and SAP change requests.




The Dassian Single Source Procurement Framework toolset uses Microsoft Power Pivot add-in to present the various reporting outputs. The data is served to the reporting outputs using the oData standard, and to support this, Dassian SSPF uses SAPs internet connection framework to host the services.

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