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Dassian GOVCON Solution Overview

Dassian GOVCON is a pre-configured turn-key ERP solution designed to meet the DCAA compliance needs of SMB government contractors and project-focused businesses.

It meets key DCAA audit criteria and combines all of the industry-specific capabilities that government contractors need to run their business with the power and scalability of SAP's® world class enterprise platform. Whether running on-premise or in the cloud, Dassian's GOVCON enterprise solution can be easily operated in a government compliant manner given a well-designed system of internal policies, practices, and procedures needed for federal regulatory compliance.

GOVCON was designed to address the unique financial and operational needs of government contractors and project-focused businesses. Actual labor costing, materials, overheads and other expenses are tracked at the project, organization, and account level to provide the much needed insight into the lowest levels of your businesses. GOVCON automates the invoicing of cost plus, time and material and fixed price contracts per the Federal Acquisition Regulation. No more waiting around to single thread your invoices. With GOVCON and SAP, invoicing is multi-threaded, real-time, and automated. Most importantly, all invoices have DCAA audit reporting with drill down capibility into each cost transaction. Contract performance reporting and project status reports provide insight into the overall status of each project and sends alerts when actions are needed. Your business processes run smoothly and everything is accounted for correctly.

SAP's cloud and cloud hosted solutions offer state-of-the-art analytics with S/4HANA and HANA Live. Do away with your legacy analytics warehouse and get real-time analytics using an Excel front-end connected to your live ERP data.

Key Benefits

  • DCAA compliance
  • One platform to run both your commercial and government businesses
  • Global capability supporting multi-currency and multiple languages
  • Run both manufacturing and professional services on one platform
  • Leading edge SAP HANA database powers your real-time analytics and business intelligence
  • Improved cash flow from timely invoicing
  • Increased revenue by opening full CAS contract opportunities
  • Ongoing cost savings by limiting the hardware footprint
  • Reduce audit issues with transaction detail backup
  • Scalability - solution grows as your company grows

Key Features

  • Compliant US government billing
  • Full CAS and modified CAS requirements
  • Financials, AR/AP
  • Government reporting (Incurred Cost Submissions, CPR's, SF1034/35)
  • Mobile time entry and approvals
  • Actual payroll allocation and reconciliation
  • Workforce authorization and time charging controls
  • Fully integrated with project management
  • Integrated program management
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Program baseline management and forecasting
  • Compliant with ANSI 748 EVMS criterion
  • Contract flow down compliant
  • Full manufacturing CAS compliance
  • Multi-currency and language capability
  • Real-time business intelligence and analytics suite including pre-defined reports, business cockpits and Excel based front-end tools connected live to your ERP data

SAP S/4HANA & COPB Processes

Contract Management Project Planning and Budgeting
Government Billing - Cost Plus, T&M with standard forms Project Accounting
Flow Down Integrated Program Management
Time Entry Workforce Authorization
Actual Labor Costing Procurement
Total Time Accounting Finance & Treasury
CAS Costing Incurred Cost Reporting
Payroll Robust HANA Live Analytics

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