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Adding Attachments

Add attachments, video or screen recording to your ticket


Add Attachments

To add an attachment, click on Add Attachments and Browse.


Select the desired file and click on Open.


To add other files click on Add Another. All files will be attached to your ticket when you submit.


Screen Recording

Screen Recording is a feature which allows you to capture entire screen casts – including audio narration – of your issue as it occurs in your system. This tool can be a real time saver to document and express your item.

Click on Add Screen Recording to capture your screen in case you want to reproduce all steps of an issue in detail.


Resize the capture area to the portion of the screen you need recorded and click on the record icon.


Click on Done when you have finished recording.


You can review your recording before submitting. When you’re done click on Upload and your recording will be added to the ticket.


Click on submit.


Video Recording

You can use your webcam to add video recording to your tickets. Click in Add Video Recording (1), Start Recording (2), when you’ve finished recording click on Upload Video (3) and submit (4).

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