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Dassian Workforce Authorization Management Overview

Dassian Workforce Authorization Management is an invaluable tool for managing personnel and effectively authorizing labor charging and travel expense assignments within SAP.  WAM provides your personnel their authorized work list and validates time charges and travel expense assignments in real time to effectively eliminate time and travel mischarges. Personnel authorizations for time and trip expense assignments are as easy as drag and drop.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates labor mischarging from non-authorized personnel and the high cost of correcting labor mischarges by assigning personnel to end cost objectives for specific workdates.
  • Eliminates travel and trip expense reports mischarging. Keeps travel expenses off of objects where travel expense assignments are not desired. For example, restrict travel expense charges from all non-travel WBS elements of a particular project.
  • Easily assign the correct employee for the appropriate validity period.
  • Easily stop labor charging without the need to change your master data or system/user status - no longer do you have to wait until month end close.
  • Allows you to cap or limit the amount of hours that a person may charge to the end cost objective.
  • Simplifies time entry in CATS by presenting only the authorized work assignments in the employee time entry worklist.
  • Time entry is automatically validated in real time. No longer do you need to wait until it is too late to prevent an incorrect labor posting.
  • Allows for the flexible creation of resource team groupings without the need for changes to your HR Organization, Cost Centers or Work Centers.

Key Features

  • Role based workbench assignment of personnel to end cost objectives in SAP®; including WBS and Network Activities/Elements, Cost Centers, and Orders.
  • Drag and drop personnel assignment of single individuals or entire groups.
  • Mass Export and Import of resource assignments with Excel.
  • Start/finish dates are automatically proposed during assignment based on the underlying end cost object.
  • Validate activity types used in the time charge.
  • Resource assignment and utilization reports included.
  • Enhanced Reason Code functionality for recording changes to timesheet entries.
  • Enhanced Certification Language for certifying entered time by employees.
  • Enhanced CATS Change Log reporting included – track all changes to time entry.


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