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Dassian Incurred Cost Reporting Overview

Dassian Incurred Cost Reporting provides for the seamless creation of the Incurred Cost Submission (ICS) schedules within SAP which are required by government contractors as part of their annual incurred cost proposal submission. Dassian ICR is designed to provide an out of the box solution to the ICS reporting challenges faced by government contractors.

Key Benefits

  • Easily produce ICS schedules A thru H directly from SAP into Excel.
  • Complete transparency from source costs through to submission.
  • Full support for making schedule adjustments.
  • Full support for annotating schedules with notes and clarifications.
  • Develop and analyze direct and indirect rates for both prior and current year activity.
  • Multiple rate deck capability provides the option to model proposed disclosure statement changes on current and prior year costs before they are implemented.
  • ICS data resides directly in your secure SAP environment where the ICS schedules can be locked and secured from accidental change.
  • Audit and reconciliation reporting included.

Key Features

  • Develop Indirect and Direct cost rates for prior year, current year, and current month.
  • Supports multiple disclosure statements as well as multiple versions of each one.
  • Supports unlimited number of labor, fringe and intermediate pools.
  • Supports unlimited number of material bases.
  • Reconciliation tables and reports included.