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Dassian Actual Labor Costing Overview

The challenge in achieving actual labor costing is a daunting task faced by many companies which perform actual job costing and must comply with US federal and local regulatory requirements such as total time accounting and CAS compliance.  Dassian's Actual Labor Costing module augment's SAP® functionality to track and record an actual labor rate on the final cost objective which can include both base labor and associated fringes on separate elements of cost.

Dassian ALC installs into your SAP landscape just like any other SAP module and it does so without complicated, error prone or manual interfaces to an external system or spreadsheet.  ALC provides the capability to capture, calculate, and post all elements of labor over the actual hours worked on the final cost objective. The Actual Labor Cost and the original workdate of the labor charge are maintained on the end cost objective even after retro-active payroll changes or off-cycle payroll adjustments.  The ALC workdate field is available in billing and other sub-processes. This functionality coupled with highly flexible configuration provides you with the solution to handle "Actual" labor across varying contractual requirements.  Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act, Project Labor Agreements, state Prevailing Wage laws, contract specific labor & burden rates, as well as country specific rules are fully supported.   Blended rates do not have to be a source of problems anymore.


Key Benefits

  • Flexible labor cost distribution detail
  • Total time accounting
  • Cost account standards compliant (CAS compliance)
  • Retro-active (retro) payroll changes, off-cycle payroll, and adjustments are fully supported.
  • Davis-Bacon Act, SCA, CBA, PLA, as well as other Prevailing Wage Determination requirements are fully supported.
  • DCAA compliance audit reports

Key Features

  • The actual employee labor cost is always known by employee, by day, by end cost objective.
  • Maintains original date of work on the end cost objective for all postings.
  • Cost distribution based on actual payroll.
  • Flexible labor cost distribution detail. Distribute by element of cost (base labor, employer taxes, employer paid health, overtime premium, etc..), by fully loaded base labor with fringes, or you can group detail elements of cost into summary posting (i.e. all employer taxes are distributed on a single cost element.).
  • Retro-active (retro) payroll changes, off-cycle payroll, and other payroll adjustments are fully supported. When a payroll adjustment is made to a prior period, the ALC workdate field always maintains the original date of work.
  • Reconciliation reporting included.


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