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Dassian Contracts and Project Billing Overview

Dassian Contract and Project Billing (CPB) is essential for government contractors and service provider firms to satisfy DCAA compliance and audit criteria.   It easily manages the most complex contract types offering insight into key contract performance metrics as well as automating the critical and complex billing processes needed by today's government contractor and service provider firms.  CPB compliments the capability of SAP Resource Related Billing to manage project-based billing, government contracting requirements and DCAA compliance.

Dassian CPB automates the invoicing of cost plus, time and material and fixed price contracts per the Federal Acquisition Regulation. No more waiting around to single thread your invoice runs. With Dassian GPB and SAP, invoicing is multi-threaded, real-time, and automated. Most importantly, all invoices have DCAA audit reporting with drill down capability into each cost transaction. Contract performance reporting and project status reports provide insight into the overall status of each project and sends alerts when actions are needed. Your business processes run smoothly and everything is accounted for correctly.

Key Benefits

  • Offers key contract performance metrics such as inception-to-date billed against funding and contract values.
  • Enables a government compliant billing system which allows for direct submission of your invoices thus reducing your A/R aging and increasing cash flow.
  • Automates billing processes and invoice calculations reducing labor associated with preparing manual invoices.
  • Accurate invoicing and billing calculations reducing customer disputes and delayed payments.
  • Provides billing backup reports to enable cost reconciliation for DCAA audits.
  • Facilitates compliance with key contracts and billing FAR clauses such as funding control.
  • Offers ability to put partial or entire costs on billing hold so you can send invoices without waiting for cost corrections.
  • E-mails alerts when the contract reaches identified thresholds of funding available.
  • Contract performance dashboard to gain critical contract metrics at a glance.
  • Tracks contract modifications with contract values and funding values in support of DCAA audits.
  • Automates Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN) accounting during invoicing process.
  • Standard government invoicing forms available.

Key Features

  • Contract Types: Cost Plus, Time and Material, Firm Fixed Price, Progress Payments, Performance-Based/Milestone
  • Contract Flow Down of customer contract data fields
  • Customer Defined Fields
  • Flow down capability to follow-on vendor purchase orders, production orders, wbs elements, service orders, deliveries
  • Contract Modification Tracking
  • Contract Values vs Funding Values
  • Modification History Reporting
  • ACRN government contracts
  • Fees (Fixed, Award, Incentive) with Ceilings by Element of Cost
    • Percentage
    • Fixed Amount
    • Hourly
  • Limits by Element of Cost
  • Retainage (Cost, Labor, Fee Withhold) with Maximums
  • GSA Schedules
  • T&M Billing Rates
  • Provisional Overhead Rates
  • Funding Control and Funding Alerts
  • Contract Performance Reports
  • Alternate Billing Structure which allows your project structures to be defined independently from your contract billing structure.
  • Excludes Unallowables and Billing Holds from Invoices
  • Billed and Unbilled Cost Report
  • Retroactive Rate Adjustments
  • Billing Workflow and Approval Process

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