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Module 03-Excel Download-Upload

3.1     Introduction

Use this module to upload and download data into and out of the system utilizing Excel®.

3.2     Learning Objectives

In this module you will learn to use transaction code /DSN/004_UPLOAD.

3.3     Definitions

Use this transaction in order to employ Excel® for downloading and uploading data out of and into the system.

3.4     Business Processes

To run through this module a sales document must already exist and have been saved in system.

3.5     Exercises

3.5.1     Excel® Download/ Upload

The Excel® download/upload transaction will allow you to first download a flow-down field template to Excel® and after populating field values, upload to enter the data against the desired sales documents.

The first step in this process is to download the file template that you will populate and upload.  This file template can be achieved through the download selection option.  It is possible to download a selection of sales documents by individually entering the sales document number or by entering a sales document type which will download all sales documents of this type.  The download file can contain existing content or can be downloaded without content if the field catalog only selection option is chosen.

Download options:

  • Sales Document – Download individual sales document(s)
  • Sales Document Item
  • Document Type – Download all sales documents of this document type
  • With Reference Fields – Include reference fields in download (informational only)
  • Field Catalog Only – Download without any content

Upload options:

  • File from PC – Enter the Excel® file from your PC
  • With Header – Excel® file does not contain any file headers
  • Changed Objects Only – Displays an ALV grid showing only those field objects that have changed from existing values
  • Test Run – Displays upload results without posting to the database


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